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Each 8minuteDating event is a success:

  • 99% of participants report that they enjoyed 8minuteDating.
  • 91% of participants meet someone who they want to see again.
  • 62% receive a mutual match. Compare that to the bar scene.
Thousands of couples who met at 8minuteDating have gone on second dates, and many of those have blossomed into relationships. Below are some stories submitted by just a few of our happy customers.

Hello Risa

I got married to a woman I met at one of your events. Thank you for making the connection!

Jim & Erica - Hillsdale, NJ (Married in May 2015)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

Hi Risa,

Hope you are doing well! Back in May of 2013, Christina and I met at one of your speed dating events that you held at the Colorado Cafe. We didn't know it at the time, but you introduced us to the person that we were going to spend the rest of our life with... :-) We wanted you to know that we fell in love and are now engaged to be married next year. Just wanted to thank you for facilitating finding the love of my life!! We couldn't be happier!

Frank & Christina - Watchung, NJ (Married in September 2016)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

Hello Risa - our Event Organizer,

As you may know from our mutual friend Bob, Ann and I got married after meeting at your Princeton, NJ event on March 15, 2015.

After attending almost 40 of your events from 2009 - 2015 - I was very fortunate in a Buddhist sense to have met Ann, who is Buddhist as well! I must thank you for having your events and please share if you wish our good fortune with our fellow speed daters. Namaste!


Stuart Martinsen & Ann Chen - Princeton, NJ (Married in August 2015)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

Risa Glaser and John Grimaldi

As the founder of 8minuteDating, I am always thrilled when our customers find love at our events. I'm particularly excited to share this story about Risa Glaser, our 8minuteDating Event Organizer Extraordinaire.

Risa has hosted more than 1,000 8minuteDating events throughout New York and New Jersey since 2006. Her success is not just the result of hard work; it’s also due to her sincere desire to help all the singles at her events feel welcome, have a great time, and make connections. Risa is one of those special people who brightens the spirits of everyone she meets. In March of 2010, John Grimaldi decided to attend Risa's 8minuteDating event in Princeton, NJ, and when he met the host, his spirits brightened indeed. In September 2013, John and Risa became engaged.

My wife Cathy and I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Risa and John over the years. They're two wonderful people and a terrific couple. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Risa Glaser and John Grimaldi - East Brunswick, NJ

I attended my 2nd 8 minute dating event one year ago this week, February 8, 2007. My first date was with a fireman named Zeb. He was so handsome and we immediately clicked! During the intermission he approached me and said he wanted to take me out. After the event was over he asked if I wanted to go next door for dinner. I told him this was against the rules as we should go home and enter our choices online. I decided to go ahead and be a rule breaker and am I glad I did. We had a late dinner that night and talked for three hours. Once home that night we talked on the phone another 2 1/2 hours. We had our first real date two days later on February 10th and I knew this was the man I was going to marry. We bought a house together this past August and on December 16th we were married on the Island of Oahu. We are so happy and can't wait to start a family!!! We laugh that we met at a 8 minute dating event, but are both so grateful that we have found true love. I recommend 8 minute dating to all my single friends and family!!!

Sheryl & Zeb Masowdi - Phoenix, AZ (Married in December 2007)
Event Organizer: Jean Cosgriff

Hi There,

I just wanted to let you know that my partner Thom and I met at one of your events five years ago July 21, and we are still together. We're celebrating our anniversary tomorrow, and hopefully closing on a condo at the end of August! Thanks for helping us find each other.


Rob Frisch

Rob Frisch & Thom Heil - Chicago, IL
Event Organizer: Heidi Grossenbacher

Dear 8minuteDating,

For years, we went to the same gym, got coffee from the same shop, and bought sandwiches at the same deli. But we never actually met until an 8minuteDating event on January 13, 2004. It was a bitterly cold night in Manhattan.

What started out as an 8-minute chat turned into a date for drinks, which turned into many dinners, which turned into a summer at the beach, which turned into a fall spent looking for an apartment, and then fall turned into winter again. We got engaged exactly one year after our first meeting, on another cold night in January.

We had a beautiful wedding in November of 2005 surrounded by family and close friends, and are celebrating our first anniversary this month. We just wanted to thank you for bringing us together – the very best, luckiest, most wonderful thing that has ever happened to either of us. As your website points out, a lot can happen in 8 minutes!

Beth & Isaac - New York, NY (Married in November 2005)

My name is Kara, and I would like to thank 8minuteDating for helping me meet my future husband. We met on May 18th of this year, and we are getting married on October 10th. Yes it was quick, but now I understand when people say that you just know the right person when you see them. It was completely unexpected because I really did not even want to go to the event, but my friend dragged me there. The funny thing is, we did not even have a date together, we met during the intermission and just clicked and chatted, at that point I did not even want to go on any of the ensuing dates. So basically what I am trying to say is thanks and you can tell your future daters that there are successes and you just never know. If you would ever want us to speak at an engagement we would love to. Thanks, Kara and John

We got married on October 10th of last year, but you know all of that. We had our baby on July 27th, his name is John Paul, he was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long...We are probably figuring that he is the first baby born from people who met at 8 minute dating. We hope that you enjoy the pics!

Kara & John - Buffalo, NY (Married in October 2004)
Event Organizer: Kate Resetarits

My husband, Matthew, and I met at a Jewish 8minuteDating event July 13, 2004 at Dewey's Flat Iron in New York City. Matt was my fourth date of the evening. The 8 minutes flew by and we continued our conversation throughout the break. When I went home later that night and logged on to my computer, I was happy to find out that Matt had put me down as a match. I remember going to sleep with a sense of excitement, looking forward to getting to know him better. We went on our "second" date five days later, spending the entire day together, enjoying NYC in the summertime. Two months later we were engaged and 10 months after that, May 21, 2005, we were married! We moved out of the city and bought a beautiful house in Connecticut. It has been a busy 2 years! We encourage all our single friends to try 8minuteDating as it is a great way to meet people, and obviously, hey-you never know. Thanks 8minuteDating!

Jamye and Matthew - New York City, NY


Two years ago, I met a guy at an 8minuteDating event who I thought was very nice so I gave him a chance and marked him for a second date. Three months ago we got married and are very happy! We tell everyone we met through 8-minute dating. Those who know me are always shocked and even I can't believe that met my husband this way, but I'm glad my friends dragged me along to an 8minuteDating event that turned out to be an amazing success. Thank you 8minuteDating!

Neda Abrary & Brian Donlin - New Jersey


Jim and I met on January 31st, 2005 at Whiskey Cafe. We had both been to three 8minuteDating events. Third time's a charm, right!? We went on our first date the following week at Village Gourmet in Rutherford, NJ. After many months of dating, Jim proposed on December 16th, 2005 in Hoboken, NJ. He took me out to eat at 3-Forty Grill and refused to check his coat! We walked along the river overlooking the NYC skyline. It was a crystal-clear night with a full moon! He dropped down on one knee a proposed right then and there! He said some very romantic, beautiful things about our relationship - despite the short, 10 month courtship.

We will be married on November 11, 2006 at a church in Ramsey, NJ with a reception at the Tides Estate in North Haledon.

Thank you 8minuteDating for a perfect match!

Gwen Kaulfers & Jim Pra - Lyndhurst, NJ (Married in November 2006)
Event Organizer: Robin Zavian


I want to tell you that I met my boyfriend, Frank Taraborelli at an 8minuteDating event on September 28, 2005 at the Red Rock Cafe in North Kingstown. So, we are one of your success stories! We both are 51, have sons, and live in Cranston. Now, what a coincidence is that!? Frank thinks that we should not be getting e-mails about 8minuteDating because we don't need it. So, if you need any promos about successes on 8minuteDating, we will be glad to do them.

Donna Granieri & Frank Taraborelli - Cranston, RI
Event Organizer: Grace Labbe

Hi 8minutedating.com,

I met Bill Levine on May 10, 2005 at the first speed dating event I attended. We clicked right away and began dating. He proposed a month ago and we are planning a wedding over the upcoming Labor Day weekend. I want to thank you, first and foremost, for the opportunity to meet Bill. I can't imagine how we ever would have met otherwise.

Thanks again. I am forever grateful.


Karen Duncan

Karen Duncan & Bill Levine - Denver, CO
Event Organizer: Janine Slee

I met my husband at one of your NJ events in 2004. We met and married a year later! We were both 41 at the time and had never been married. We dated (seriously) for 6 months and then got engaged and 6 months later, (almost on our one year anniversary) we were married! We're have been married for 16 months and are buying our first home together. We are planning to adopt a child next year! That's our story. We tell our friends about speed dating all the time. Neither of us had done it before, but were encouraged by other people who had tried it and look what happend to us!

Linda Lorence-Critelli -

Juan and I were immediately interested in another date with each other because the 8 minutes that we were allotted to talk were simply not enough! Within 8 minutes, Juan and I discovered that we had similar interests - sports, dancing, family, etc. Juan tells me that he was immediately attracted to my personality and my eyes. I was immediately attracted to Juan's smile and genuine personality. We had a great conversation and we felt comfortable with each other, so we both wanted a second date.

Juan and I met in May and immediately began our courtship. After 14 months of dating, Juan took me to California on vacation. We went to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Yosemite National Park. On July 8th, 2004 (reference to 8minuteDating!), Juan proposed to me at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park while watching the sunset.

We had a fifteen-month engagement. We searched for a wedding date with the number 8 in it since we consider it our "lucky number." We got married on October 8th, 2005 in Miami, Florida. Immediately following the wedding, Juan took me on an amazing honeymoon. We went on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise that took us to Naples, Italy, Sicily, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, and two Greek islands. Then we spent an additional 4-days in Cinque Terra, Italy and 2 more days in London, England.

Juan and I are so happy...and fortunate to have found each other through 8minuteDating!

Jennifer Doherty-Restrepo & Juan Restrepo - Miami, FL (Married in October 2008)
Event Organizer: Tracie Gordon

Almost 2 years ago I dragged one of my single girlfriends to an 8minuteDating event in Manchester, NH. She was reluctant to go, mostly because she wasn't sure she wanted to get back into the dating scene after her 13 year marriage and then divorce. She ended up meeting a man at this event and will be marrying him on June 10, 2006.

Karen Brown - Manchester, NH (Married in June 2006)
Event Organizer: Amy Lazzar

Just wanted to spread some good news. I recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where I got engaged to my boyfriend, Kelly! He proposed on Jan. 8 in Kauai during a romantic dinner on the beach. I met him at my very first 8minuteDating event I hosted on Dec. 7 2004...this guy was too good to pass up! Anyway, Kelly and I are both really happy and are thankful for 8minuteDating for bringing us together.

Amy & Kelly - Denver, CO
Event Organizer: Amy Amore

Cory asked if we would post this for him. We were flattered, and impressed by his creativity. Enjoy their story...

It was Tuesday December 7th 2004 and I had the day off from work, I figured it would be a typical day off where I would sleep in, watch TV and not do much of anything all day. I decided to check my e-mail, and somehow decided to search for one of the "speed dating" sites to see what it was all about. I had heard about them before but didn't really know too much about it. I "Googled" it and one of the first ones that I saw was 8minuteDating.com. I decided to check it out to see if they had anything in my area and when it was. I searched for Philadelphia and it said that there was an event that night at Bleu Martini at 7pm. I was sure that it was too late to sign up but I decided to give it a try anyway. About 2 hours later I checked my e-mail again and it said that I was confirmed. I spent all day worrying about what would happen - what would I do, what should I say? Well, I got dressed, got it my car and headed into the city. I walked into Bleu Martini and the first thing I saw was this beautiful girl standing there with the most beautiful curly hair and a big smile on her face. My first thought was that I hoped I would get to meet her that night. I heard the event organizer call everyone over and explain how it works and give some good tips on what to do. So, I went to my first table and got things started. Everything was going ok - I got through the first 4 8-minute dates. Then it was time for a break. I decide at this point that I just had to walk up to that girl I saw and say hello. Now, normally I’m a shy type of person and don't ever approach anyone in that way, but there was just something about her that I knew that I had to do it. So I went over, said hello and we talked for about 15 minutes. The 2nd half started and I went through it with no problem. The good thing about 8 minute dating is that even though you get setup with 8 people who are there, there are always more who you can meet during "half time" or after the event is over and still match up with anyone there that night. So I decided that I just had to talk to this girl again. I walked up to her and started talking to her again. We hit it off right away and decide to go get something to eat afterwards. After dinner we decide to exchange numbers and go from there. Well the next night I wanted to call and let her know that I had a really good time with her and would like to see her again. Well, we ended up going out that night as well! A few weeks passed by and we had seen each other a few times and decided that we wanted to be exclusive to each other. Well to keep a long story a little shorter, about a month ago I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I was sure that this was the girl that I wanted to marry. Well, last night I picked up the engagement ring that I had ordered for her, which was exactly 1 year from the day we met. I have been thinking for a while now for the perfect way to ask her to marry me. I wanted to come up with something that was original, meaningful and showed her exactly how I felt about her. After thinking a while I decided that this was it. I was going to write to 8minuteDating.com and have them publish my success story and have her read it and at the end of it I was going to ask her to by my wife. So with that said, “Gabby, I love you with all my heart, I knew from the first minute that I saw you that I wanted to be with you the rest of my life. We have had amazing times together and I have shared with you things that I have never been able to share with anyone else. I love you more and more each day. Gabrielle Pollack, will you marry me?"

I got home last night, checked your website and saw that it was up. I knew that I had to do it that night and that I couldn't wait any longer. When Gabby got home from work last night I called her over to my computer and told her that I found something that she had to see. So I brought up the page told her to scroll down and read the 2nd story. As soon as she saw the picture of the 2 of us she knew right away what was about to happen. She read the whole story and looked over at me, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! She hugged me and said yes. I don't think she let go for about 5 minutes. I really want to thank you again for your assistance with this. It means a lot to know that your company is not just another company out there to make a dollar and that you actually care about the people that use your service. I will e-mail you with updates as they happen. Again, Thank you.

Cory & Gabrielle - Philadelphia, PA
Event Organizer: Edward Lincoln

Hello... I just wanted to share a great success story with you! For most people seeking a quality relationship, we know how tough it can be to meet the right person. I've had some great relationships in my life, and I've had some disappointments...and I've met a variety of women through lots of different circumstances.

It seemed like I was going through a looong dry spell, of not meeting someone I would want to have a long-term relationship with. For one reason or another, no one seemed compatible to me. Those are usually the times when someone starts to question their own standards..."Am I aiming too high?" or "Is there something wrong with me?"

When I heard of 8minuteDating, it finally seemed like a great new way to meet someone. Krissy and I met at an 8minuteDating event here in Cincinnati, on June 17th, last year. Of all the faces I saw that day, Krissy's was the one I remembered the most. That first impression left me optimistic that I had found a very sweet lady with a kind heart...Now I just had to hope she was interested in me!

As luck would have it, she replied...and we later met for a second time. I've never gelled with anyone, like I did with Krissy. We've been dating for the last several months. She's supportive, compassionate, funny, and very bright. I couldn't have asked to meet anyone better than her.

That's why on April 9, 2005, I asked Krissy to marry me...and she accepted. We are planning our wedding next year, on June 10th.

Thanks from both of us for helping to make this happen!

Charlie & Krissy - Cincinnati, OH (Married in June 2006)
Event Organizer: Susan Valentine

Dear Mr. Jaffee,

On March 10, 2004, I went to an 8minuteDating event at a bar called Manhatta in NYC. My final date of the night (not including the bonus date) was with a lovely sales manager named Tricia. We went on our first date on March 15, 2004 and we became engaged on April 28, 2005! We will be getting married on September 2nd, 2006!

How's that for a success story? :) I can't thank 8minuteDating.com enough for introducing me to the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with. If it wasn't for you, Mr. Jaffee, we may have never found each other!

Thank you!

Gene & Tricia Gaudio - Bronx, NY (Married in September 2006)
Event Organizer: Debra Strougo

I met Michael at the first 8 minute dating event that I ever attended. Even though we were a match and he called, we played phone tag but never went out. Thereafter, I ran into him several other times at other events, including an 8 minute dating event where you pointed him out to me and said "what about him?" My response was that I knew him already. It was not until over a year later that we ran into each other in the Hamptons, recognized each other, played a little more phone tag and had our first date on 10/1/04. We got engaged at the end of April 2005 and will be married on November 20, 2005...Thank you for running these events so well and for always being so nice and helpful...

Sharon & Michael - New York, NY

I wanted to take the time to share with you my now husband and mine's story. We both met at an 8minuteDating event in Rochester, New York at Pineapple Jack's back in November of 2002. A co-worker was going and asked me to go with her. I thought it was a great idea for single people to meet. I think this is a great way for people to meet since everyone there is looking for the same thing. When I first met Mark, I wasn't at first attracted to him and in fact had gone out the Saturday before with another person who actually showed up at the same event and was trying to talk to him! :) We both didn't know we were attending! One of the reasons that Mark and I went out is of the part where you can check off friendship, dating, business. I thought that was great, because checking off on the card "friends" elminates some of the pressure and starts relationships off on a great note. In order to have a relationship, you need to have developed a friendship first. We went out to a restaurant and had a great time! It was the first big snowfall of the season and made for tricky travel at the end, but he ended up calling me to see if I got home alright. I knew then, that this might be it. We dated for one year before he proposed to me in San Diego on the top of a beautiful mountain, Mt. Soledad. We had gone to meet his family and it was a total surprise to me. We got married in July 2004 on Magean's Bay Beach in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. at a beautiful ceremony with my parents and close friends. We have even talked of hosting an event sometime because we know how much fun and important it is to have opportunities to meet others in a unique, fun way. Thanks again! - Josie

Josie & Mark - Rochester, NY
Event Organizer: Michael Donahue

I just had to write in you to tell you about our own personal success story with 8-Minute Dating. Tony and I met at an 8-Minute Dating event at Boston Beer Works in Boston, MA on January 21st, 2003. It was sub zero tempatures that day and since the event had been rescheduled from a previous date, many people did not show up. When I saw the small crowd of people I had low expectations about meeting anyone. Nevertheless, I kept an open mind since I had great fun participating in speed dating events in the past.

Well, on date number #4, I was lucky enough to meet Tony. Our date continued into the 20 minute break and then we started steadily dating soon after that. 13 months later we became engaged and we were recently married on October 2nd, 2004.

Being single for most of my 20's, I found 8-minute dating a very easy, relaxing and fun way to meet other singles. Once I got over the initial fear of pushing open to the door and walking into the event on my own, I realized that everyone in the room is in the same boat as me...single and looking.

Your company does a great job running these events and they are really a nice option for singles looking to date others in the age group.

Thanks for helping us to meet!

Jennifer and Anthony - Medford, Massachusetts (Married in October 2004)
Event Organizer: Derrick Plotkin

We just wanted to write to thank your organization for a well-made match. We met at an 8-minute dating event in Baltimore, MD over a year and a half ago and were just married this past June. Thank you! Sincerely, Heather and Todd

Heather & Todd - Baltimore, MD (Married in June 2005)
Event Organizer: Lori Hill Event Productions, Inc. (Lori Hill)

My name is Connie, and I'm writing to let you know that I met my husband, Sean, on a speed date hosted by your company. The event was held at Barcode in Boston on November 18, 2002. Since then, we've been raving about speed dating to all of our friends, families, and colleagues. We've even convinced some of our friends to do it. Shortly after we first met (11 months to be exact), we eloped in Las Vegas. Now, on our one year wedding anniversary (October 3), we plan to have a formal wedding ceremony and reception for our family and friends. That is why we're contacting you. We wanted to notify your company to give you the opportunity to use us as an example of why speed dating is the greatest way to meet people, to date, and to just go out and have a great time... Sincerest Regards,

Event Organizer: Kelly

Connie & Sean - Boston, MA (Married in October 2004)

I wanted to let you know, and those who are skeptical like I initially was, that 8minuteDating does really work. I had tried a competitor of yours 4 or 5 times when I decided to read a newspaper article talking other speed dating services my mom had given me several months previous to me attending your event. I read about your service and said, well it can’t hurt. So on March 10, 2003, I went to my first 8minuteDating event in Cleveland, Ohio at the Fox and Hound. I only had one match out of the 8 women I met that night, but that’s all it took. After matching we set up our first date on March 17, 2003. We luckily found each other downtown that night and have been together ever since. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve and have planned our marriage for September 18, 2004. Here is a picture from the night we got engaged. I hope others have the same success as we did.

Brian M. & Cari C. - Cleveland, OH (Married in September 2004)
Event Organizer: Lisa Gambatese

I went to 8minuteDating October 22nd, 2002 in Denver, Colorado at Banana Joe's. I have recommended it to everyone I know. It is a great way to meet a lot of people. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can meet a great person, you might want to spend the rest of your life with. I didn't get matched up with my current boyfriend Ed for an actual 8 minute date. I ended up meeting him after the 8 minute dates were over and we talked for over an hour. I knew I wanted a second date with him the moment I met him.

Our next date was a weekend in San Francisco. I had to leave the week after we met for a business trip and he flew out the next weekend and met me. We had a fabulous time, seeing the sights and getting to know each other. Since our 8 minute dating excursion, our relationship has been nothing but wonderful. We flew to NY for the Christmas season, went skiing in Breckenridge for a week for New Year's 2003, and have just had the best time getting to know each other better. We are a perfect match.

We owe all of our happiness to 8 minute dating. We have referred all of our single friends to 8 minute dating. I would definitely go again if Ed and I didn't work out in the long run, but I don't see that happening. Thanks 8 minute dating!

Update: We were married one month ago September 19, 2004. Just wanted to say Thanks Again for everything. We are so happy we went to 8 minute dating that rainy Tuesday night! Here are a couple wedding photos. We still tell everyone how we met and encourage all of our single friends and family to try it out! We are so happy! Thank you!

Gina & Ed - Denver, CO (Married in September 2004)
Event Organizer: Jessica Eckstone

I wanted to let you know that I did meet someone at the B&B Riverboat on February 10th. Gretchen and I have been dating since then and are getting married next June. Another success for 8minuteDating. Thank you for everything that you do for those that are single or divorced.

- Mike

Mike & Gretchen - Cincinnati, OH
Event Organizer: Susan Valentine

Dear 8minuteDating,

We met Oct 1st, 2002 at your dating event in NYC. We never expected it, but we met the partner we are spending the rest of our lives with on that night at Tavaru...thanks to 8minuteDating! We were both discouraged with the same old dating/bar scene. This was a very refreshing, fun and easy way to meet people who are also looking for a relationship. We've been telling all of our single friends and their friends that they must try it.

We've been anxiously waiting to write to let you know how fabulous we think the concept is and how much it has changed our lives. Last month we got engaged! We are now planning our family and future together. Thank you 8minuteDating!

Watch their success story as seen on the
John Walsh Show


Richard & Lisa Schwartz - New York, NY (Married in October 2003)

Dear 8minuteDating,

I am writing to thank you so much for allowing me to meet the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. There were 8 men at the event and I only picked one for my second date. His name is Val Sorrentino and my name is Dianna Garnder. We met July 26, 2010. I picked him and was given his phone number as I was a match for him. We got together and we went to the Outback steak house followed by a walk on the beach. We have been dating ever since and have gotten very fond of each other and are deeply in love. We went for our one year anniversary of dating at the Buca De Beppo where the event took place. To my surprise that is where Val proposed. Of course I said yes! We will be very happy together and with that I thank you so very much. I would totally recommend this site to anyone and would totally do it again if I hadn't met my match! Yeah!

I would definitely love to do a commercial or to give our success story in person. I know the restaurant would remember everything that happened last week because it was one exciting moment I will never forget!

Thank you again,
Dianna Gardner

Dianna Gardner & Val Sorrentino - Irvine, CA
Event Organizer: Kim Hackworth

We met at an event in Marina Del Rey in California this year and we're getting married next spring! Neither of us had expectations of finding a spouse at this event, but it sure turned out to be the most important event we've ever been to! We just wanted to let you know that your service is working well, and we've referred others to you in hopes that some of our friends will find themselves as fortunate.
Thank you!

- Marina Del Rey, CA

My best friend Lisa, and I attended one of your events back in July 2003...in MDR, which ended up being a life changing event. To make a long story short, she just got married in Jamaica on May 16th, to the man she met at that very event. They dated, fell in love, moved in together, then bought a house together, which was followed by a proposal, and then a short engagement...I just wanted you to know about another great success story that came out of this! And I couldn't have wished this on a more worthy couple. Keep up the great work!! You guys definitely have a great thing going. - Andrea

- Marina Del Ray, CA
Event Organizer: Ruth Shaer

Hi, We just thought we would pass along our success story, though we are pretty low key and we have not spent any time crafting this email to make it sound spectacular! Anyway, Matt and I met in May 2003 at an 8minuteDating event held at Jillian's in San Francisco. It was, for each of us, our first (and only) speed dating experience. We matched in terms of wanting a second date and had our second date shortly thereafter. By the third date, we decided to be exclusive. Our two year anniversary is coming up and we are getting married on October 1, 2005 in San Francisco. Obviously we thought 8minuteDating was a success and we have recommended your service to many of our friends. Thanks, Emily

Emily & Matt - San Francisco, CA (Married in October 2005)
Event Organizer: Scott Swanson

We've been looking forward to sending you our 8minuteDating success story. We met at an event in August 2002 at Vox Populi in Boston. We had both tried the usual methods of dating, but the 8minute method seemed like a unique and fun way of meeting a lot of potential dates in one evening so we tried it out. When we met each other we were immediately attracted to each other and after matching, we spoke on the phone for two hours.

We had planned for our first date to go skydiving, but poor visibility led to a romantic afternoon and evening in Newport, Rhode Island instead. We got better acquainted and had a very exciting 8 month period of travel to Puerto Rico, San Antonio, Paris and Rome leading to our engagement in April 2003. We got married in Hawaii on November 22, 2003 amid family and friends.

We mentioned 8minuteDating in our wedding slide show and we continue to mention it to every single person we know who is looking for that special someone. We are so thankful to you for letting us share our story with you and for giving us the opportunity to be a very successful 8minuteDating story. We are proud to say we are two of your greatest advocates!

Event Organizer: Kelly

Kathy & Mark Dietlin - Boston, MA (Married in November 2003)

Bill and I met at 8 minute dating in Milwuakee, WI, last August. We continued with our speed dating through our fabulous whirlwind relationship. Our successful match was commenced with our engagement in Feburary. We are currently creating a fabulous celebration of our love with our wedding scheduled for New Year's Eve of this year. I recommend the experience to everyone. I sometimes even tell people that if I didn't meet Bill my first time of 8 minute dating, I would have quickly returned for another night of fun.

Karen B & Bill K - Milwaukee, WI
Event Organizer: Kristyn Greenfield

Hey Genesis, Angela and I are engaged and planning a wedding Aug. 14th, attached is our pic. 8minuteDating rules!

Valentine & Angela - Boise, ID
Event Organizer: Genesis Nelson

I had pretty much given up on meeting someone nice. A friend had told me about 8 minute dating. I didn't go for it the first time b/c I thought I would still meet someone, and I didn't feel like spending the money on it. But then I heard it got really good reviews, and I saw 8 minute dating on TV, so I signed up. I think I was meant to go that next time b/c if I had gone to the first one, I wouldn't have met Craig.

Craig and I met on a Thursday night at Have a Nice Day Cafe. It was both our first time in attending an 8 minute dating event. We had both brought a friend with us so it wouldn't be so nerve-wracking. I had a "date" with him and all 4 of us spoke several times throughout the evening. By the end of the evening, we all decided to go to Sybergs for some food.

Unfortunately, Craig and I had to wait about 1 1/2 weeks to meet up with each other b/c of my crazy schedule. Once we did meet though, we had the greatest date. I was having such a great time with him that I didn't want our date to end, so I suggested going to the art museum where we ended up going to the history musuem as well.

By our third date, I knew he was a "keeper." He possessed so many qualities that I knew I wanted him to stick around. After about 3 weeks, we met each other's families. It was great b/c I think our families are similiar in the way that we were brought with the same values, and I instantly adored his family as well.

We get along great. He is always there when I need him, and I can always depend on him. They say that girls look for someone like their father. I would have to admit that I think Craig possesses many of the same qualities of my father.

Late in August I thought we were going to workout in the park. I showed up with no makeup on and the hair not even brushed with my workout clothes on. It was only about 90+ degrees outside. After walking around the lap once, I was ready to quit b/c of the heat. He said, "just one more lap." So we continued. We were getting ready to pass a park bench, and he said he needed to stop b/c he had something in his shoe. So he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Of course, I said, "yes." It was a complete suprise (I mean, I knew that one day he would ask me, but we hadn't gone shopping for rings). Our parents met that night, and the rest is history. Our wedding date is on May 15, 2004

Amanda & Craig - St. Louis, MO (Married in May 2004)
Event Organizer: Melia Cothran

Mark and I are getting married on September 17, 2005. We met at 8minuteDating. He was the first man I talked to. Since our "date" was an early one, we actually went out on our first date immediately following the event. We both knew right away. I only went to 8minuteDating to stop my mother from harassing me about it. Mark almost didn't go, becuase it was such a beautiful day and he wanted to ride his motorcycle. The rest is history. - JoAnne

JoAnne & Mark - Portland, ME
Event Organizer: Tina Paquette

I went to one of your wonderful events in January at Orleans. I am VERY happy to say that thanks to 8md, AND to that cooky website Love Access, I have met the young man of my future, and we are both SO very happy! He was an 8md participant as well, but at ANOTHER Orleans event! We have been happily together for 8 months TODAY. He is just a doll, and I couldn't be more in love. This is the person I've been waiting for all my life. So, I have to say THANK YOU so much to 8md! Though he and I didn't meet at an event per se, we met each other thru an 8md medium, and were BOTH attendees at events, so we had MUCH to talk about on our first date! We both feel that 8md brought us together! I can't thank you enough, Michelle. Your support and good nature really helped me get off my duff and attend your event in January of this year. Doing that got me OUT THERE...So -- given this WONDERFUL news, please take me off your 8md list permanently...You're the best!! Thank you SO much!!! A satisfied 'customer' ---- Suzzanne in Cambridge

Suzzanne & Brett - Somerville, MA
Event Organizer: Michelle Mobilia

Julie and I have for ages (months, years!) been saying we should reach out to you. We started dating in August 2007 after meeting at an 8minuteDating event at Bar 420 (80th and Amsterdam). I moved in with Julie early in 2009, we got engaged in Summer 2010, and our beautiful baby daughter Zoe was born in January 2011. Thanks! The pictures attached couldn’t exist without you!

Matthew Davidge and Julie Huang - New York, NY
Event Organizer: Dave Cervini Entertainment (Dave Cervini)

Dear 8minuteDating,

I am a former event organizer for 8minuteDating in St. Louis. I believed in the program when I was organizing events and decided to attend an event that another organizer in the St. Louis area was hosting. A friend of mine and I participated in the event being held in the social area of an apartment complex. When I met Dean he was amazed that I also worked with 8minuteDating. We hit it off right away. After receiving our matches online Dean called me right away to ask me on a "second date". We went to dinner, had ice cream, went for drinks and walked around a nearby pond. The date lasted until the middle of the night and we both had a great time. We saw each other at least every three days from then on.

Last September (2008) we moved in together and a few weeks ago Dean proposed to me under the gazebo at our home. We have been together for three years and will be getting married at the end of January 2010.

We have discussed many times how we never would have found each other without 8minuteDating. We are extremely compatible but we never went to any of the same places. We lived in different areas of the city and did not have any friends in common. Without 8minuteDating we might both still be single, trying to find each other. Thank you for your help!

Dear 8minuteDating,

I am happy to provide an update to our success story. Dean and I were married on Jan 30, 2010. Everything was perfect. And on Feb 22, 2011 our son, Max was born. Thank you for helping us start a beautiful family!

Crystal Blaker

Crystal Knight & Dean Blaker - St. Louis, MO (Married in January 2010)
Event Organizer: Krisana Simpson

As many of you know by now, John and Nancy met at 8minuteDating. Nancy was late (what???), but John was later. Of course, John had just finished a round of golf, but he had committed to his two friends to meet them at the event. By the time he arrived, both of those friends (including now-groomsman Mike) had met Nancy. When John arrived during the break, Mike whispered to him, "There's someone here I think you should meet." They all chatted for a few minutes until it was time for the speed dating to resume. Perhaps Mike was not the only matchmaker in the room. Much to the pleasant surprise of both John and Nancy, Risa (the coordinator), assigned John as Nancy's "date" for the very next round. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Nancy Awad & John Peldunas - Watchung, NJ (Married in July 2011)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

We met at 3 different 8minuteDating events and the third time was the charm! We married in February, 2007 and couldn't be happier. Thank you, 8minuteDating!

Ira Baslow and Michelle Engles - Glendale, NY (Married in February 2007)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

Hello Risa,

It's Deirdre Priest here, it's been a long time. Just wanted to let you know that Paul & myself got engaged over the weekend. It was my Birthday weekend, I knew it was coming at some point, but I didn't know when. My ring is perfect: 3 stone princess cut! He took me to a French restaurant last Saturday night in NYC, and got down on one knee in front of everybody. I'll always remember that night.

We will be together 2 years this June. We always talk about the night we meet. Paul was my last speed date of the night and I knew as soon as he sat in front of me that he was the one. After that night was over we spent more time in his car talking to each other. That was the first thing I noticed about Paul when I meet him: he was a BIG talker & I love that. We've often stayed up until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning just talking.

So I wanted to say Thank you Risa. A loyal fan of Speed dating!!!

Best Regards,

Deirdre Priest

Deirdre Priest & Paul de Prado - Westbury, NY (Married in May 2011)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

Hello Tom!

Having been in high technology for 30 years, I can really appreciate your success and achievements. Congratulations!

I also thought you would like to know that your events, although focused on an age group much younger than I, also meet the needs of "older" people.

In December of 2002, I just had my second knee replacement in a year which kept me in rehab hospitals for most of the past 13 months. December of 2002 was the first time I felt good enough to go out. I was still on crutches, and still on a lot of pain medications, but I had been holed up for 13 months and I wanted to get out. I chose an 8minuteDating event, assuming that my concentration may not last even 8 minutes. I had absolutely no intention of meeting anyone, or pursuing anyone. I was just on my feet and had been unemployed for 14 months. I was not a good catch!

However, on that evening I caught a woman's eye from across the room during the break. As I checked my schedule, it didn’t look like I would be able to meet her. Later she told me she had seen me before the break and went looking for me. Little did she know that I was in so much pain, I went out to my car just to relax.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I used my sales background and went and sat at her table. When the right guy came, I told him he had the wrong table.

Even though I was not able to get on my feet and land a job until 2004, she hung in, and last weekend she accepted my proposal for marriage. The wedding is June 27th, 2010 up here in the Boston area!

You are cordially invited!

Regards, and THANKS!

Jim Hughes & Kathy McGinn - Boston, MA (Married in June 2010)
Event Organizer: Joan Plante

8minuteDating - A Success Story
Carol & Warren

When my girlfriend first mentioned speed dating 2 years ago, I told her “sure, I’ve heard of it - I’ve seen it on several sitcoms!” Never did I dream of actually attending such an event, but she raved about 8minuteDating. She had been to several evenings with another friend and had met a couple of interesting guys. A veteran of years of computer dating, she felt that at least with speed dating you “get a visual” and more of a feel as to whether there’s any chemistry between you. After spending months on line only to be disappointed with the “in person” meeting, I could appreciate her point.

My friend decided to select Nassau County for our first foray into the world of speed dating, and signed us up for PapaRazzi on 11/13/07. I worked in Nassau County at the time, so a Tuesday night after work was perfect. Who knew that she’d be in Manhattan that day & there would be a horrendous problem on the LIRR (something stuck in a tunnel, as I recall) and NO TRAINS were moving out of Penn Station!

Meanwhile, while I was sitting at the Merrick train station for an hour wondering when to throw in the towel, Warren was on two phone calls at once; cell phone in one ear & the landline in the other. He had been widowed for a couple of years and had decided it was time to try and meet someone. A friend’s sister recommended 8minuteDating as a good place to start to “get your feet wet” in the dating pool again. Warren prepared for reentering the singles scene after 30 years of marriage by reading “Dating for Dummies” and other reference manuals! He had signed up for the 11/13/07 event at PapaRazzi just that morning, and was on a teleconference call with his boss when Risa’s call came in to let him know that they did have space available that night.

Back at the train station, I was trying to call my girlfriend to tell her I was heading home - we’d live to date another day, when she got a call through to tell me she had just managed to snag a half a space on a VERY crowded train at Jamaica and was heading towards Merrick. She had also gotten a call through to Risa Glaser to let her know we were going to be over an hour late. Fortunately, several others scheduled to attend that night were also stuck in transit from Manhattan and other points west. Risa told us they were delaying the start of the dating, and we should definitely still come. During this chaos, Warren was still stuck on his conference call (you don’t hang up on the boss) and also nearly decided not to attend, knowing he’d most likely be late as well. As fate would have it, we both managed to get there before the (late) start, and the rest, as they say, is history!

As I’m writing this story, we’re planning a destination wedding in Key Largo. During our first dinner date after we met at PapaRazzi & matched, we were swapping stories of our favorite things. I told Warren my perfect day was anywhere on a beach. He promised that night to go to the beach with me - little did he know what he was getting into! We initially thought our second anniversary would be a great day to get married, until we looked at a calendar and decided that Friday the 13th was not an auspicious day to begin our new life together! We became engaged on 7/11/09 and decided to flip that around and get married on 11/7/09. Since many of our friends will not be able to attend our small destination wedding, we’re planning a reception/dinner at PapaRazzi when we return, to celebrate where it all began. Here’s to happy endings!

Carol Day & Warren Weber - Westbury, NY (Married in November 2009)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

I've attended a few 8minuteDating events in the past. They were always enjoyable but at an event run by Glenn at Vintage Bar and Restaurant in August 2007 I met my wife. We married two years later and are both happy that 8minuteDating brought us together.


Eugene - White Plains, NY
Event Organizer: Glenn Wiener

Mark and I met on February 12, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. I had just moved to Chicago from St. Louis 2 months before the event. I had participated in two 8minuteDating events in St. Louis and had a lot of fun. Mark was supposed to attend the event with a friend who canceled at the last minute. We met during the intermission at the bar, and we instantly clicked with one of my prepared questions, "If there was going to be a movie about your life, which actor would you want to portray you?" We exchanged our name/number code with the intent to make a match.

One week later we had our first date. Mark and I were both very nervous as we discussed later in the relationship. We went to Red Fish in downtown Chicago. Dinner lasted a few hours with never a lull in the conversation. We had so much fun that we played pool at a bar next door to the restaurant for awhile. Mark waited 4 days to call for a second date, and I was convinced he was not going to call. After our first phone conversation following the first date, everyone I spoke with about Mark said that I glowed.

After what felt like forever, Mark proposed 2 and a half years into the relationship at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. He had the maitre de present me with a dozen roses, and then Mark appeared and got down on one knee to pop the question. Mark was so nervous he couldn't figure out which hand to put the ring on. We were married on August 4, 2007.

I try to get all of my single friends to try 8minuteDating. I tried extreme "speed dating," but thought that you donʼt get a clear impression of a person in 3 minutes. 8 minutes seems like the perfect amount of time to see if there is a real connection. The format of the event is great because you not only get to have "8 dates" in one night, you have the opportunity to meet other people at a bar that are looking for a relationship. If I were still single, but thank goodness I am not because I have Mark, I would definitely participate in 8minuteDating again.

Thank you 8minuteDating for creating such a wonderful, safe way for people to find true love!

Michelle & Mark Moses - Chicago, IL (Married in August 2007)
Event Organizer: Amanda Dethlefsen

Hi Tom, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to be an event organizer in Scranton, PA. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to set up any events anymore, but hope to be back with the company in the future... I want you to know that 8minutedating helped my fiance and I meet in a round-about way! I set up a profile on Plentyoffish.com to advertise my events... I also added, "p.s. i'm single, too" to the profile. Matt wrote, we met 9 days later... and were engaged 1 year to the date of our first date! We set a wedding date for May 31, 2010!!! SO, thank you!! and all the best to 8minutedating.com!! I really loved hosting events and refer people to 8minutedating all the time!! Sincerely, Kristin Grochowski

Kristin Grochowski - Scranton, PA
Event Organizer: Kristin Grochowski

Dear Risa,

I just wanted you to know that Daniel and I have been dating exclusively since the night we met at the Cornerstone with you. We see each other 3 times a week. I find him kind, loving, sweet, funny interesting, bright, a fabulous father/grandfather, honest, sincere and real. Can you tell that I'm crazy for him!? I think it's safe to say that the feeling is mutual :-)

I have to admit that at first sight, I never would have dreamed that he had all of these qualities. I can now say "never judge a book by its cover"! I've dated many wealthy, tall, dark and handsome men. I wouldn't trade all of them for him. This is by far the best relationship I've ever been in! He surprises me daily, and it's like unraveling a big ball of gold threads which delights and thrills me. He is the source of my tremendous happiness, which everyone says they can see on me. Thank you!

Lori Rabin & Daniel Price - Hillsdale, NJ
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

I attended an 8minuteDating event at Coccola in Hillsborough, NJ in August of 2007. One person that I met was Regina Walczak. We had many things in common and quickly became close friends.

The very next month Regina told me that she knew someone that I should meet and set me up on a blind date with Sue. Sue had been at the same 8minuteDating event but I never got to meet her because the event was so large. I didn't get a speed date with her and didn't have time at the break to introduce myself to her.

Our first date went very well and there was an instant connection between us. We continued to date and love developed quickly between us. In April of this year I proposed to Sue and she said Yes. We flew to Maui in June for a destination wedding and then went on to the Big Island for our honeymoon. Since then we have been living in my house in Branchburg and are looking for a house closer to her job. We are so happy!

Jeffrey Roscher & Sue Shampanore - Hillsborough, NJ (Married in June 2009)
Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc. (Risa Glaser)

I am an 8minuteDating.com Event Organizer for Washington DC. I met my girlfriend while running an event during last year's cupidParty promotion. Over the Christmas holidays I proposed. My fiance, Melissa, and I wish to thank you for your program. The cupidParty was the first experience with 8minuteDating for both of us! Please use our example for other to learn what could happen at an event.

Chris Hulton and Melissa D. - Washington, D.C.
Event Organizer: Chris Hulton

Steve and Carmela met in Boston, and were married in July 2003! Click here to watch their charming story of meeting, dating and getting engaged.

Event Organizer: Tom

Steve and Carmela - Boston, MA

I met my fiancé Rob at an 8-minute dating event at Sweeney’s Bar in St. Paul, Minnesota December 9, 2003. It was a major blizzard outside and everyone was late. Rob decided at the last minute to go to the event, unregistered. I barely got in. There were more women than men and I didn’t get the confirmation for my registration until the day before. Just think, we almost missed each other. The event started late, but to my relief Rob was my first date! It went great. Very casual. What got me was he stopped me before I moved on to the next date to compliment me on my glasses!! During the intermission of the event, we both ended up at the bar downstairs and started up a conversation. After the event Rob joined my girlfriends and I and chatted more. The next day, we of course picked each other. Two days later we had our first date. Martinis at a local trendy restaurant. Our fist date lasted 6 hours!! It has been a whirlwind ever since. A month and a half later Rob took me to Las Vegas for the first time. We had a wonderful time. Then two weeks ago, Rob proposed!! I said yes and now we are planning our wedding!! I can tell you that no way did I think that I would find the love of my life at 8-minute dating. Boy was I wrong!! Everyone should try it. It works!!

Rob Fowler, Nyla Niblo - St. Paul, MN
Event Organizer: Deanna Sandstrom

I met my fiance at an 8-minute dating event in St. Louis (Patricks-Westport) in January 2006. We both had attended an event before and decided it was a great safe and fun way to meet people. Before the event I saw this guy standing quietly off to the side and thought to myself that I hope I have a "date" with him. Although we weren't matched up, I made a point to talk to him after the rest of my dates. We ended up talking quite awhile after the event and I really hoped we had a "match". I was happy to learn that we did and we had our first date the next weekend. We've been dating happily since then and a couple of weeks ago we became engaged at a winery. In August of this year we will get married. When people ask how we met and we explain the story, they can't believe it! 8-minute dating works! Sincerely, Leah Crank and Dan Lensing.

Leah Crank and Dan Lensing - Maryland Heights, MO (Married in August 2007)
Event Organizer: Krisana Simpson

Bill and I met in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 at the Red Maple. We were both new to 8minuteDating, and were pleasantly surprised to meet someone we wanted to date. Our first "real" date was on Valentine's Day, and it's been romance ever since! We could tell from our 8 minute date that we wanted to see each other again; in fact, Bill was the only one I put down to date! We learned early on that we had many similarities and goals in common, and had similar family backgrounds. It's been 10 months after our first date, and I am excitied to say that we are now engaged. We are now planning for a 2005 wedding. Bill and I have both suggested to others that they try 8 minute dating based on our wonderful success story! We would like to hear back from the event organizer and will forward you pictures shortly. Thanks again.

Jeanine & Bill - Baltimore, MD
Event Organizer: Lori Hill Event Productions, Inc. (Lori Hill)

On 9/28/2005, I went to an 8 Minute Dating event held in Buffalo, NY. Honestly, I had some hesitation about going because I had tried different dating methods in the past with no success. But I had some friends who insisted I give this a try and fortunately I listened.

I arrived early and was getting a drink when I noticed Wally standing a crossed the room. He was eating some of the appetizers and looking cute. At the time, I didn't know that he noticed me "checking him out". So the event began and after a few "dates" I ended up sitting with Wally. I really can't remember too much of the conversation we had but I was definitely intrigued. I didn't want the 8 minutes to be up. After the event I ended up talking with Wally for hours. We found that we had a lot in common and that we both wanted a second date.

Our second date was about a week later. It was the longest date I have ever been on. I met him at 9 am for some apple cider and a donut. We then drove out to some local winery's where we enjoyed some more conversation while tasting wines. Afterwards, we went apple picking and bought pumpkins. The date ended with us playing ATARI well into the night. It was the most romantic and fun date I had ever been on. We had many more dates after that!

Thanks to 8 Minute Dating, Wally and I found each other. We are now in the mist of planning our wedding! I will marry my soul mate, the love of my life, my best friend on 10/12/2007.

I have recommend 8 minute dating to all my single friends and few have gone to some events. I know that I got lucky meeting Wally at my first event (it was his second). But if he hadn't been there, I would have gone again. There is an "at ease" atmosphere there that is very much appreciated. The quality of the event made the experience enjoyable and I feel that the opportunity to meet someone there is great.

Again, thank you 8 Minute Dating for being my last first date!


Karen Stack
Buffalo, NY

Karen Stack & Walter Koneski Jr. - Buffalo, NY (Married in October 2007)
Event Organizer: Kate Resetarits


Dear 8minuteDating,

I had attended three 8minuteDating events before my May 18th event in Dallas. I hadn't attended one at all in 2006 until I decided it was time to get serious about it and "get back out there." I am soooo glad that I did!

Jon was the last "date" of the evening for me but as he approached I remember thinking "Wow, this is a cute one!" As soon as we started chatting we found we both had loads in common. I had things in common with him that I had never found with anyone else. I do lighting and camera work for film and video and he had done live theater lighting for 8 years - in addition to his real job - and we shared a passion for still photography as well as travel and the fact that we were both "transplants" in Dallas.

Needless to say, we wound up staying around after the event talking. I was thrilled the next day when I saw that we had both chosen each other for a second date! Our second date was for the next Saturday and what started out as just a lunch date turned into two hours of talking at the restaurant and a movie after that!

We were very comfortable with each other and things just fell into place. He went to my hometown to meet my parents in October and I went home with him in November and over the Christmas holidays we moved in together.

I would just love to say that thanks to 8minuteDating I've met the most wonderful man in the world! I would tell everyone to try it - it's so easy and everyone who attends is there for the same reason so you know you're all serious about meeting "the one".

Thank you - from both of us!

Luisa and Jon - Dallas, TX

My name is Carrie. I attended an 8minute dating sessing over a year ago..June 19 2003 to be exact. I met the man of my dreams there. His name is James. We have so much in common and we even live in the same neighborhood.

I just wanted to let you know that it was the best thing I ever did. (I didn't even have a date with James...........we just met at the bar at the intermission). I have recommended it to my friends and co-workers. I tell them that James and I should be the "poster couple" for 8minute dating. I am a single mother, and at the age of almost 40 I decided that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by going to the 8minute dating. I had been divorced for 5 years and had dated some real losers. Now I have a wonderful man who is so good to my daugher and me. I am sure wedding bells will be ringing in the near future. Thank you so much.

Carrie & James -
Event Organizer: Genesis Nelson

Kevin and I met in May of 2003. Both of us are professional people older than the bar scene but far from old. He went figuring he had nothing to lose. I went feeling the same way. I heard about you from an article in a local paper.

Long and short is we both found we were attracted to one another and had similar interests. I was the only one he expressed a desire for a second date. I had found 3 in total. We married 10/4/04 and are very happy we took the chance of one evening in an unfamiliar setting.

Thank you.

Linda & Kevin - (Married in October 2004)
Event Organizer: Edward Lincoln

My finace and I are a success story for 8 minute dating! We met in November 2002, and will be married in 2 weeks!! Eight minute dating is a great way to meet people and we share our story with everyone who will listen! Thanks for setting us up!

Judy - North Aurora, IL
Event Organizer: Bobbi Burgstone

Just wanted to drop someone there a line (not easy to find an email or anywhere for feedback) to advise that 8 minute dating is a great thing. I met my fiance last May and we will be married in the fall. We both went in on a whim and could not be happier. We are older professional people who simply had trouble finding like minded people. We see the EHarmony.com commercials all the time and believe that 8 minute dating is far superior as a low stress, entertaining and easy way to met other folks. We never would have predicted the fabulous result. Everyone we know loves to tell our story to their friends and I just thought someone would want to hear some personal positive feedback.

Linda F - NJ

A friend of mine got engaged over the Valentine weekend and she and her fiancé met at an 8 Minute Dating function. A small part of me wanted to take the credit =)
Congrats to you and your client for such a great service!

Karen R - Boston, MA

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I recently got engaged to a guy I met at the 8 Minute Dating event in Danbury last October! Last summer I moved to CT and didn't know a soul in the area. 8MD saved my life. I made a ton of friends, both men and women. It really works! Thank you so, so much!!!

Abigail D - Norwalk, CT
Event Organizer: Tracey Hydeck

Last June 30th I met my girlfriend through 8 minute dating. Since then we have vacationed in Canada, have done many adventurous things like river rafting, bicycling, and traveling, plus I have become a major part in her children's lives. They want me as their stepdad and I plan on proposing marriage to her, Andrea O., within this year! ... Thank you 8 Minute Dating people!

Paul C - Tigard, OR
Event Organizer: Tracey Hydeck

I'd like to share a success story with you guys. I went to the Freighthouse on 8/15 unsure of what to expect - so I planned on enjoying myself no matter what happened. Well that night I was in for a surprise.
The first 4 dates provided some interesting conversation but no one that stood out. As we took our break between dates, I wandered through the crowd. Conversation flowed fairly easily with everyone I approached and then I saw her. As I walked over to meet the brunette in the red dress, I noticed her name tag. We had a brief conversation with a couple of laughs and split apart to finish our final 4 dates.
As I walked away towards my next date, I hoped to get to meet her. The next 3 dates passed by quickly and I grew anxious to see who my last date would be. As the crowd settled down for their last dates, I sat alone at my table.. Apparently my final date had decided the event was not for her.
I looked around and noticed there was another person alone. Yes indeed, the brunette in the red dress was alone, without a date. A few short minutes later, Tasha and I got the chance to talk & share a few more laughs. We got along very well and conversation flowed easily. After our time was finished, we split sharing smile and I quickly jotted her name down as a definite future date. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to talk with Tasha beyond our impromtu date.
I left later that night, wondering which of the dates I had would turn into future dates. Imagine my surprise when I logged into the site later that weekend and found Tasha had also selected me.
Well the story continues - we have been dating for the past 4 months. I have been planning to send this note for some time. I'd like to thank you guys for providing singles the opportunity to meet other singles looking to date.
I also want to send a big thank you to my girlfriend of 4 months.

Thank you Tasha - You are always on my mind!

Dave - Coon Rapdis,MN
Event Organizer: Deanna Sandstrom

I met a wonderful man through 8minute dating. You had an event November 6, 2002 in Rochester NY. We dated for a few months and then became engaged. The wedding is May 15, 2004. Thank you for helping us find each other.

Joan & Pat - Rochester, NY (Married in May 2004)
Event Organizer: Stephen Wershing

Jim and I met at an 8 minute dating event at the Grandel Theater in St Louis, MO in September 2002. I had just lost about 60 pounds and was finally confident enough to get myself out in the dating field. I approached this 8 minute dating event as "practice," wanting to meet a friend -- it had been so long since I had dated at all! I met Jim right away as we were standing around waiting for the event to start. He caught my attention by talking about books (I'm an English teacher and love to read!) and I was happy to find him as one of my "dates" later that evening. Several days later, I discovered that we "matched" and our first "real" date was a Loft Tour in downtown St Louis (a fabulous, no pressure way of getting to know someone!). That initial attraction developed into something deeper with each passing month. This past October we got engaged and we are now planning a Fall 2004 wedding.

I've learned much about myself as Jim and I started dating seriously -- I had always believed that finding love was supposed to be easy. You just stand around waiting for Prince Charming to show up on a horse! Not exactly true -- I learned to be more confident about who I was as a person and I learned the tough lesson of trusting someone absolutely. Both Jim and I had busy and exciting "single lives" before we met, but now I couldn't imagine doing any of the things I did before I met Jim without him there.

We both feel so lucky that we both happened to be at that 8 minute dating event back in September 2002. Thank you!

Dianna - St. Louis, MO
Event Organizer: Melia Cothran

On October 15,2002, I attended an 8minuteDating event in the Boston area. I met a wonderful man, Martin. As we are getting ready to celebrate our second Thanksgiving as a couple, I thought you would like to hear about our success story. Martin and I became engaged on September 22, 2003. We are getting married May 8th, 2004...I was a single mother. Do you know how hard it is to date as a single parent? Your events would overflow after hearing our story. ...We already have a breathtaking restored estate for the wedding and reception.

Joy - Boston, MA (Married in May 2004)

I went to the event at Mynt lounge last October. It was there I met someone truly special. We had been dating ever since, and in fact we are engaged to get married. I definitely wanted to share this info with you, everyone just loves our story, and we are amazed at how we actually found each other.

Jason & Danielle - Denver, CO
Event Organizer: Denise Soler

I went to an 8minuteDating event and got lucky! Matched with John and have been dating him since! Things are going very well! I highly recommend 8 minute dating to my friends for many reasons. Having the opportunity to meet 8 people in about one hour is phenomenal! The cost is very reasonable. I also felt that my privacy and personal safety was assured by only using my first name. In 8 minutes I didn't know if I wanted to marry the guy, but I could definitely figure out if I would enjoy spending an evening with him! Thanks for a wonderful service!

Chris - St. Louis, MO

I tried online dating for almost a year without much success. A friend suggested I try 8 minute dating and I met my girlfriend and future wife the first time I tried it.

Jon - O'Fallon,IL

I'm a 38 year old engineer from Wisconsin who was having very limited success based on the amount of time I put in to online dating. I tried 8 Minute Dating, and I'm very happy to say that I met a wonderful woman named Annie who I've been seeing since March.

John - Hudson,Wisconsin

I attended an 8- minute dating at X & O in Quincy over a year ago (10/9/01 to be exact). I did meet 8 interesting people but as I sat I noticed a woman who was observing the process. I went over and introduced myself after we had eye contact. We have now been together for a one year anniversary.

The process worked for me.

Jim - Quincy, MA
Event Organizer: Tiffanie Williams

My story is very unusual because I was dragged to an event a month a half ago by one of my girlfriends. Unlike some women trying to meet quality men , I didn't want to have anything to do with an 8 minute date sort of thing.

In September, I have met a nice fun man at that event that I didn't want to go to and we have been dating ever since. I would love to surprise him with this special night out and let everyone know that when you try something new, you never know who you might meet. The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Our lives will always be filled with challenges. It is best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.......So--I now work like I don't need money, love like I've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching!

Julie -

Rob and I first met at the June 5 event at the Caveau Wine Bistro. I had signed up as a favor for my roommate, but wasn't all that interested in meeting anyone. I wasn't too happy to be there -- most of the men were not my type. Then Rob walked in. We noticed each other immediately and talked for a few minutes before the event began. We had a "date" and continued to hit it off. After the event, my roommate was talking to a couple of women he had met so I had to find something to do. I noticed Rob sitting at a table with four other women, and made my way over. I had figured I could use the opportunity to get to know him and maybe meet some other single women to hang out with (most of my friends in Boston are guys and I miss "girls night out"). We all talked for a while and I was definitely intrigued by Rob. After the event, Rob and I headed up to the Top of the Hub with my roommate and the woman he was talking to. Things seemed to be going well, but he left rather abruptly and I was a bit confused. When I logged in to get my matches and saw we matched, I decided to email him and tease him about leaving without proper good-byes. I had sent something along the lines of "Did you make it back home before your clothes turned into tatters and your carriage into a pumpkin?" He responded that his car had turned to a pumpkin on the highway and it had all been embarrassing, being pulled over for driving a gourd while naked. I was definitely impressed with his sense of humor, so I wrote back. I never got his reply and I thought that was the end. Que sera, sera.

The June 17 event at Vox Populi was sold out for men unless they convinced a woman to register too, so my roommate again asked me to go. This time I was hesitant, because I had promised to meet someone at the airport, and I wasn't too impressed with the male contingent at the first one (except Rob, a situation I figured just hadn't worked out for whatever reason). I registered, but I basically went back and forth on whether or not to just eat the 30 bucks and not show until the absolute last minute (we're talking 6:45 PM that night). Finally my roommate convinced me to go. We were mingling with some people before the start when I saw Rob walk in again. This time I was nervous, I didn't know how to react, since I thought he hadn't bothered to reply to my email. The girl I was talking to said he was coming over, and that 'it sure seemed like he was interested', but I just figured he was being polite.

As we talked, it came to light that he had replied to my message (my email system had blocked it for whatever reason), and was wondering why I hadn't replied back to him. We didn't have a "date" at this event, but after the event we had a few drinks down at the bar. We made sure our emails weren't going to get blocked and decided to get together again soon. We had a date that Thursday, and have been seeing each other since.

The timing of all this made for a great summer -- day trips on the motorcycle, days at the beach, and, we headed up to Montreal for Labor Day (great city!). We're having a great time together -- I'm already looking forward to the spring, when we can be back out on the bike.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Melissa (and Rob) - Boston, MA
Event Organizer: Mindy Sanderson

If I could explain the sizzle that has resulted from our meeting, Vicky and I would force the newsletter to change its content rating. I was generally impressed with the quality of the participants (my new date is a bank V.P.). And, I may have a wonderful future budding with the relationship that started with 8minuteDating. 8minuteDating provides the setting, opportunity, and a good environment for making it happen. For me and my new girfriend, 8minuteDating has been a resounding success. Yes, recommend 8minuteDating to your friends. It's almost like having a remote control for your social life.

Mark -

Just had to drop a line to wish u happy holidays and let you know that I am STILL dating the guy I met from the Crooked Putter session in November.... I never would have thought that it would happen to me... I went into that night just wanted to get out and meet people not get into a serious dating relationship but I guess "someone" has other plans for me. Thank you for a wonderful time that night and I am passing on the word to everyone I know!

Giselle - Worcester, MA
Event Organizer: Joan Plante

A friend from work asked me to attend an 8 minute dating event. I hadn't heard of 8 minute dating, but the concept intrigued me and I thought it would be good for a few laughs. Well, I did have few laughs but I also met the angel who will be my wife. It has been a fairy tale romance and it all started with one 8 minute meeting that left me feeling warm and fuzzy. I'm glad I followed my heart and I'm thankful that 8 minute dating has provided such a good way for people to meet.

Paul827 - New York, NY

I wanted to let you know that I recently got engaged and I met my fiancée at an 8minuteDating event in the city last Oct. I have been recommending it to friends - I thought it was great, I am so happy.

We are planning to get married Feb 28th

Kim - New York, NY

I was tired of trying to meet a guy in a bar or through friends. I was hoping to find someone special to share my life with therefore, decided to try new things. I went to 8 minute dating in Oct, 2002. It was a great night and so refreshing. I meet so many awesome people that were in the same boat. I had a match and had one of the best dates ever! Six months later ........ still dating # 827 and now we are so excited to be planning our February 2004 wedding. I never thought I would meet my soulmate and future husband at 8 minute dating. I feel so lucky to have met a man that I thought did not exist - he ceases to amaze me and lights up my life. I am so thankful we both took that chance and for 8minute dating to organize these events

Anne308 - New York, NY (Married in February 2004)

I just wanted to let you know that I attended the very first 8minuteDating event in Austin back in February. Since then I have been dating the same girl that I met at the event. Just last week we got engaged. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great idea and it really can work.

I spent 34 years looking for the person I found on an 8minute date!

Paul - Austin, TX
Event Organizer: Julia Taylor

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